I am a teacher, trying to figure out this ‘life thing’.
I am a believer, stumbling more than I would ever admit and being loved deeper than I could ever hope to imagine.I am a Third Culture Kid, having spent a few years in beautiful Uganda and South Africa and now based in Germany – an experience that has shaped quite a bit of how I see the world, people, and things.I am a traveler and always complain that flights are so expensive, but recently I discovered that I am okay with staying in a place for a while, too.

I am awake at odd hours to call friends in other parts of the world.

I am a people lover and value good conversations.

I am a writer and released my first book in September 2017.

photo by the talented Sophie Kröher|Storytelling Photography

But why do I write?

I am a very busy person.
Every day I deal with different people, issues, topics, problems, places.
At night my head often spins and I sometimes worry I might go crazy over all of this.
What if I forget something? What if I can’t figure this out?
My thoughts are full of people I still wanted to write to, friends I still wanted to call, errands I still have to run or just reflections on things that just happened.

It is very easy to get confused and lost in my own thoughts.
It is also very easy to feel overwhelmed by everything I still have to do (supposedly).

This is when writing comes in.
It has a certain power to bring order into my thoughts and my life.
It helps me to organize confusing schedules.
To express what I am really afraid of.
To confess my own messiness at times. To see clearly and prioritize well.

When I put running thoughts on paper they often miraculously turn into a clear and logical structure. Overwhelming thoughts become a bullet point on a piece of paper. They are there, but they are no longer able to overpower me.

To write is to conquer.

Writing has the power to speak and see the truth right in front of you.
Black letters on a blank page or screen.
Letters and words of truth. Of comfort. Of encouragement. Of readjusting my focus to a godly perspective.

To write is to speak truth into something or someone.
When I write I foremost speak to myself.
But in this little space of the internet I call my own I push some of my thoughts out of the nest and see if they can fly and speak to someone else as well.

Ich bin Lehrerin und versuche, “das Leben” zu verstehen.
Ich glaube und bin verlorener als ich zugeben möchte und tiefer geliebt als ich zu hoffen wage.
Ich bin ein Third Culture Kid und habe einige Jahre im schönen Uganda und Südafrika gelebt. Nun lebe ich im Süden Deutschlands. Diese Erfahrung hat mein Leben sehr geprägt und ich sehe die Welt und Menschen anders.
Ich reise gerne und beschwere mich immer über die hohen Flugpreise, habe aber festgestellt, dass ich auch mal an einem Ort bleiben möchte.
Ich bin zu komischen Zeiten wach und rede mit Freunden rund um den Globus.
Ich liebe Menschen und ihre Geschichten.
Ich bin Schriftstellerin und mein erstes Buch erscheint im September 2017.

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