What a Table Can Do for Community

In my short twenty-eight years of life I’ve traveled the world quite a bit and spent
some time in different cultures. The best thing about other countries are the people
who invite you into their homes and lives to show you a few of their traditions.
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Tabithas Pfanne

The last guest post for this series comes from Tabitha. She and I met many years ago on a TCK re-entry camp. Tabitha grew up in Tanzania, but now lives in Germany. Coming ‘back’ and settling in a country that has never truly been yours is a challenge – but small things can make a huge difference. Tabitha shares one of them.

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Your Best Friend – A Clock

One of the best things about being a writer is meeting lots of other talented writers. Kasia and I met as students and remained good friends. She had a baby a few months ago, and I love that she chose to write about how this experience has changed her life. I hope you enjoy her words! 

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Golden Rain Drops

Anja and I met in church about five years ago. Whenever you need someone spontaneous for a movie night, a beer on the city wall or just a good talk – Anja is the person to call. She finds the most interesting events and has surprised me more than once. And she is one of the most encouraging people I know. Today I am lucky to have her on the blog and share a little bit about her work as a nurse.

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A Piece of Growth, A Piece of Hope

On Saturday you got to know our imaginary third roommate. Today, you get to know my actual roommate: Hanna! We’ve been living together for two years and it’s been such a blast! So many late nights talking and creative thinking, but mostly cooking. Our #Dachlounge nights and #roomiedinners have actually been quite known around town.
Hanna is a phenomenal cook and baker – and today she tells you why.  

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Not Just a Pair of Socks

One of the great gifts of writing is connecting with other writers. This normally happens online through others. But oh, what joy when you get to meet them face to face! Today I get to introduce Anna to you – a friend who lives in the same city like me with such a unique view of the world. Her thoughts and pictures are truly amazing. If you speak German, you should definitely check out her blog Continue reading “Not Just a Pair of Socks”

How to Battle Fall Depression

I am really honored to have my friend Tori on the blog today. We met while I lived in th US and her family has welcomed me with open arms. Since then, we’ve met up several times in different countries, and I am glad to have Tori and her thoughts in my life.

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