Embrace the Now

I am angry.
A feeling of dissatisfaction is my companion these days.
I don’t feel at home in this new place and I hate the fact that there is no time to make it a home.
My eyes have forgotten to capture, my heart has lost its song of gratefulness.
I am caught in between – between the past and the future – and that’s one of the most unsettling places to be.

I am panicked and stressed.
I am not happy with how busy I am these days and how little time there is to actually live, but many days I don’t manage much further than falling into bed with heavy legs at night. I often can’t do much more than to embrace the fact that starting any kind of new job is hard.

I am afraid to move on.
My faith feels stuck these days between not wanting to go back but also without any clue on what comes next. I fear to have nothing left.
I have to embrace the fact that being lost doesn’t last forever. And to trust that those who seek will eventually find.

In the midst of life -in the struggle of mourning the past and awaiting the future – I have to embrace the present. It’s all I’ve got right now and I have the chance to turn it into a past worth remembering.

Writing for Five Minute Friday today.

We Cannot Heal All Wounds

Do you remember the times as a child when you fell down and hurt your knee? You would run to your mother, she would put a funny looking plaster strip on it and she would sing.
The pain was gone instantly and all that remained was that deep sense of peace.
It would all be okay. Continue reading “We Cannot Heal All Wounds”

A Shift of Perspective

Today is a special day over at Five Minute Friday: Kate celebrates two years of hosting this fabulous writing group! For the first time ever there will be Five Minute Friday book – and I will be in it! The book will launch sometime in September, stay tuned for more info! Continue reading “A Shift of Perspective”

Our Father

I wrote this piece two weeks ago, not knowing how much more important its message would be just a few days later…

Last weekend I was in London. I spent Sunday afternoon walking along the South Bank and watching people as they enjoyed the unusually hot summer weather.
So many people from all kinds of backgrounds.
So many faces I’ve never seen before. I cannot help but wonder what their stories are.
Do they live in London or are they visiting? What has their week been like? What has brought them here today?
And how can this world be so diverse? Continue reading “Our Father”

I Am Done Playing

It’s a thrilling moment. Well, at least for a second grader.
During the breaks we would all play ‘hide and seek’. One counts, the others run and hide.
I remember the times I had to seek.
It was exciting to see where others had hidden, but it was also really unnverving.
Where are they? Where do I have to go seek in order to find them?
I must admit I wasn’t a good seeker. Continue reading “I Am Done Playing”

Look Below the Surface

Our neighbors are building a new house.
Within days they have torn down the old one and are now digging deep holes for the new one. I would have had the chance to sleep in a little this morning, but no. 7 a.m. sharp the construction workers show up. Machines are running, and once in a while you can feel the entire building shake. Continue reading “Look Below the Surface”