We Cannot Heal All Wounds

Do you remember the times as a child when you fell down and hurt your knee? You would run to your mother, she would put a funny looking plaster strip on it and she would sing.
The pain was gone instantly and all that remained was that deep sense of peace.
It would all be okay. Continue reading “We Cannot Heal All Wounds”

I Am Done Playing

It’s a thrilling moment. Well, at least for a second grader.
During the breaks we would all play ‘hide and seek’. One counts, the others run and hide.
I remember the times I had to seek.
It was exciting to see where others had hidden, but it was also really unnverving.
Where are they? Where do I have to go seek in order to find them?
I must admit I wasn’t a good seeker. Continue reading “I Am Done Playing”

[Five Minute Friday] Doubt

I must confess I doubt. A lot.
It seems that doubt is normally associated with negative terms, something you’re not supposed to do, especially as a Christian.
And yet I doubt. I ask questions. I wonder.
I doubt that the day will be sunny when the morning looks really dark and cloudy.
I doubt that a friendship will get back on track.
I doubt people’s genuineness sometimes.
I doubt my own abilities when tasks just seem too demanding and overwhelming.
I doubt that dire situations will ever come to an end.
I see friends and family struggle, yes even battle with life, and all I can ask is Why?
I wonder about things going on in this world – war, loss, flight, hunger, poverty – and I can’t help but doubt that there is a good, big plan behind it.
I doubt if all of this will work out in the end.

I guess we all carry doubts with us.
These unanswered questions lingering in the back of our minds, creeping up once in a while.

I think it’s okay to doubt.
We grow when we wonder, when we ask questions.
When we don’t just accept things as given, but always strive to go deeper.

In the end its all about what we do with our doubts.
If we just settle in the status quo of unanswered questions or if we take action.
If we take our questions and doubts somewhere.
To someone.
The realist says, “I doubt this will work so I won’t attempt it.”
The fideist says,”I have doubts, yes. But I also have faith in someone bigger and stronger, and more omniscient than I could ever be. Someone who says ‘with me nothing is impossible’. So let’s try.”

What are some of your doubts and what do you do with them?

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