The Grass on this Side of the Fence

So here’s a confession: I compare. More than I actually should.
No matter how much I seem or am content with my life right now, no matter how many good things I have going on – I will always peek across the fence, observe what other people have, who they are with, what I seemingly miss in my life.
A slimmer figure.
Money to travel the world.
Better skills at writing, photography or cooking.
Success in marketing and sharing my craft.
A stable place I can call home.
A partner who loves me unconditionally.
A deep sense of belonging.
More self-confidence.
An unwavering faith.

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. 

As I spiral down into my hole of despair, I wonder how people got to the other side of the fence. Were they lucky or did they just work harder than me? Do they know more people or did they just wait until something happened? Were they given better opportunities than me?

And that’s when it clicks and somethings shifts in my mind and heart.
It’s about opportunity.

Opportunity is actually an interesting concept because it’s not something we can earn or work for. Opportunities are undeserved gifts of grace that present themselves. 
But it is up to us what we make of them.

I am challenged to open my eyes for the many gifts that I have already been given in my life. The many little chances that could make a change in my story.
I see a woman with a nice coat – do I go over and make her compliment?
I discover the talents that are inside of me – do I use them for my career and relationships?
I hear of someone in need – do I offer my help?
I have this insane understanding of a certain topic – do I make it accessible for others?
I am a rather quiet and stable person – do I use it to create an open space for people to feel welcome?
I question a lot of things and think aloud – do I help others on their journey and engage in conversation?

The more I marvel at the many opportunities I’ve been given, I realize how green the grass on this side of the fence actually is.

I challenge you to look at the opportunities in your life: which gifts of grace have you received and what do you make of them? Which opportunities can you seize today? 

Writing for Five Minute Friday today.

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

16 thoughts on “The Grass on this Side of the Fence”

  1. You ask some really important questions! I love the idea that opportunities are moments of grace. Oh, that we would pay closer attention and share our blessings more with others!

  2. Katherine, lovely writing. The other side of the fence is an illusion ! The grass is green everywhere, you just have to make sure it gets enough water ! You have the right perspective and wisdom, may your opportunities always be fruitful…Keep on writing about how green the grass is and it will be .
    Have a pleasant Sunday.

  3. Katha, I compare way too much too. God is changing this nasty habit in me but I still battle this tendency. Thanks for the reminder to look at what opportunities God’s already given me.

  4. I’ve seen the other side of life,
    the riches, cars, and women,
    the mansion and the trophy wife,
    and plenty of time for sinnin’.
    I saw the cocaine in its lines
    that controlled most every breath
    and still I can’t count the times
    that it only led to death.
    I didn’t have their bank accounts
    but was the richer man
    because nothing else amounts
    to wealth like God’s own plan.
    I wonder if, in eternity,
    they look across, and envy me?

    1. That’s a really challenging question you pose at the end, and a healthy perspective. Even though I struggle to have this perspective in the daily stress and constant bombardment with other people’s lives…

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