A Second Look Changes Everything

It’s been five months since I started my teaching job at the new school.
Five months since I got to know 250 young people who I have the privilege of teaching. Through lessons, tests and talks in between I have gotten to know a tiny part of their personality and now have to make lucky guesses on their performance and chances. Often this seems nearly impossible.

Once in a while, my students surprise me.
I laugh or I cry.
I realize I don’t really know them at all.

Last night I attended a concert and a lot of my kids performed. There were great pieces, but I mostly enjoyed the unexpected performances by students who seem invisible in my classes or don’t do so well.

In my weekly classes I can only see so much, all I get is a glimpse.
Last night’s performances helped me to refine the picture I had of them and correct it if necessary. Take them out of the box I had placed them in and allow them to surprise me.

It’s been more than twenty years that I am on this journey with God.
Lots of ups and downs, and sometimes it seems as if life together has become dull. As if I have discovered everything already and there’s nothing new to know.
Sometimes life gets in the way and it seems like I don’t know God at all.

I guess I might have to attend the concert of life to see God perform and surprise me. To allow him to show up in my daily routines and exhaustion, to meet me right here and now.
To overwhelm me once again when my heart has lost its wonder.
To reveal himself in unexpected ways and people.
To help me break free of the boxes that limit my view of him.
To refine and deepen my faith in him.
There is, there has to be, so much more to learn and discover.

Writing for Five Minute Friday today.

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

6 thoughts on “A Second Look Changes Everything”

  1. You can so clearly see your deep love for the kids through your post – what a privilege it is for them to have you as a teacher! I love that feeling of seeing someone you thought you knew in a different light… and the idea of being surprised by God is so poetic as well… beautiful xx

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