[Five Minute Friday] Try

Do you remember these scenes at the dinner table when you were younger?
“Mom, I don’t like cheese on the pizza.” –  “But you have to eat it.”
“I don’t want to eat cheese. I don’t like cheese.” – “How come you don’t like cheese?” – “I don’t know, I never tried.”
– “See? You never tried. Well, I’m telling you girl, you don’t get to leave this table until you have tried at least one bit of cheese!”
Today cheese is one of my favorite bits on the pizza.

If you’re a parent you might have to go through these arguments with your own kids over and over again. A child who has never tried, but also never knew how much it missed out.

I find myself in similar arguments today with God.
I don’t like the tasks he sets before me, the people he wants me to connect with, the challenges that will help me grow.
I want to remain right where I am, right in my comfort zone.
So I sit at his table, stare at his offers, and wait.

The truth is, we will never know how good the “cheese” out there is unless we try.
We’ll never experience the freedom unless we’re willing to leave some old boxes behind.
We’ll never enter a new level of intimacy unless we have the courage to open up in our relationships.
We’ll never make new friends unless we leave the comfort of our own four walls once in a while.
We’ll never see more of the world unless we are willing to leave our six mile radius.
We’ll never see the growth in our lives unless we face the challenges to get there.
We’ll never see the beautiful view from the mountain top unless we take on the task to climb that hill. 

We’ll never experience the strong hand of our heavenly Father, lifting us up on his shoulders, saying “Come on, child, let’s try it together” unless we decide to let go and let him win that argument.
And again.

Writing for Five Minute Friday over at Kate Motaung‘s place today. 

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

10 thoughts on “[Five Minute Friday] Try”

  1. Not sure if I'll be able to look at cheese pizza the same way now–cool!!!! Want to be reminded to try “it” w/God! Thanks!!

  2. Oh Katha,
    how I do love cheese. 😀 I love your closing. More often, I need to see myself as the “child” of God that I am, instead of thinking I'm an adult and don't need as much of His help. Too much independence leads to isolation and insecurity. Beautiful post. Thank you also for visiting me!!
    Tammy (#4 this week)

  3. This is beautifully written. Thanks for your words – they gently inspire me, and remind me that God's leading me forward in this adventure into the unknown. Doing it together with him, even borne on his shoulders… that's a completely different thing to striving on my own to conquer new experiences and territories.

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