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“Some are leaders, others are followers.”
There’s an interesting thing that happens when strangers get together to work on a task. I’ve had quite a few chances to observe these dynamics whenever I had to do a presentation at uni with people I had just met a few minutes ago. Here’s your task, here are your people – go.
After some uncomfortable glances and some shy smiles, a division takes place.

Into leaders and followers.
Those who take the initiative, bring in ideas, or even very clear, non-negotiable concepts. And those who nod approvingly and do whatever the most dominant person in the group suggests.
There has never been a formal round of introductions or vote, no personality type test. It just happens. People fall into their roles of leaders and followers.
I’m sure we’ve all had our shares of pressuring, dominating leaders who left us with no alternative but to nod and do whatever they say.
Who didn’t make us feel like followers but subjects at their service.
But I hope, really hope, that you’ve also experienced great leadership in your life.
People who took time and effort to invest in you.
A fine eye to carve out your talents and personality.
Diligence to sharpen your creativity.
People who gave you a hug when things got tough.
Lifted you up in prayer.
Rejoiced and celebrated with you when you reached another milestone.
We need those people in our lives.
Leaders who are bold to step up and take on responsibility.
Who are firsts in their fields and don’t give up despite all the obstacles.
Who inspire and lead by example, with all its dark spots along the way.
Leaders who blaze the trail for many others to come after.

Leaders who make us want to be followers.
“Some are leaders, others are followers.”
I don’t know if this is always true.
If you can be only one or the other.
There are times when we can fall back and follow into footsteps on paths others have gone before us.
Yet life takes us to many unfamiliar places at times.

There’s new width to be conquered, new depths to be explored.

And we find there’s no one there who we could follow.
It might be time for the followers to step up.
To become leaders.
To take time and effort to invest in others.
To develop a vision and run with perseverance.
To be a first in something and staying with it despite obstacles.
To cry and to rejoice with our running mates.
It sounds like a lot.

But it all starts with one small first step.
Not to the ends of the world, but into the ‘world” you’ve been called to lead.
How do you experience leadership in your life? Where could you step up as a leader?
On Fridays, a whole tribe of writers gathers over at Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday. One prompt and we all follow. Five minutes of writing. Lots of sharing.

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

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