[Five Minute Friday] Door

The last few weeks (maybe even months and years) have been full of change.
People getting married. Having children. Graduating from university. Quitting their jobs. Moving on.
And underneath I often seemed to hear the question: What comes next?
Where’s the next open door?

We have all found ourselves in front of closed doors.
At the edge of a new phase in life.
We already see a glimpse of what would come next, yet we are stuck here and have no idea how to get to the “next” part.
We are stuck in daily routines.
Stuck in our own comfort.
Stuck in a relationship with a friend who seems so closed off.
Stuck in our faith as if God was so far away and wouldn’t even care to listen to any of our prayers.
We just don’t seem to get through.
Through to people, through to God, through to abundant life.

I believe not every door is meant to be opened.
There are just too many choices in life, we have to pick one.
Make decisions. And this is often the hardest thing.
We don’t want to make a decision we might regret later on.
We don’t want to take a leap of faith only to find that we failed again.
We don’t want to bruise ourselves when we walk against a closed door.
And so we wait.
We find ourselves in front of doors, but we hesitate.
We refuse to take steps towards any of them, just for the sake of comfort and uncertainty.

I do believe that some doors are meant to be opened. 
By us. 
Us taking bold steps towards new adventures, new doors.
Even though we might not know if this door is open or not.
We’ll only know if we try.
Are we willing to be bold and adventurous?
Us not giving up with one closed door, but pressing on and searching until we found our way.
Us stepping out of the waiting zone and towards closed doors, closed people, closed relationships. Sometimes it doesn’t take a big miracle but the right key to open the door.
Sometimes it takes ourselves to fit into the keyholes to unlock the treasures behind it. 
Are we willing to fit ourselves into the keyhole to unlock the treasures behind it?


As always, linking up with Kate Motaung‘s Five Minute Friday. Check out her site for more inspirational stories!

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

6 thoughts on “[Five Minute Friday] Door”

  1. That's kind of my theory, too. Following God is not always a one-way street that leads to only one place. There are many avenues that will get us where he wants us to go–we just have to be ready and willing to try different things. I think prayer is an important component in 'door testing'.

  2. This is so profound, Katha! Thanks for your words today. This stands out: 'searching until we found our way'… I know sometimes I have taken a new route through a familiar town, and then I pull up at a junction I only ever knew from another direction. 'Oh! This is where I am!' Seeing things through new angles, and joining the dots, finding new routes and backways through town. It all requires doing things differently. I'm inspired to do more of that, and in relationships, too. Thanks for your challenge. #fmfparty

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