[Five Minute Friday] Send

You never know what shape and sizes happiness comes in. 
Sometimes it can be just a small, square piece of paper. 
Filled with words of encouragement. 
As much as I like email and the speed we can communicate across continents these days — there’s nothing like opening your mailbox and finding handwritten letters from friends.

There’s something about putting pen to paper. 
A process of reflection takes place as I try to find the words to convey my feelings. 
It takes courage to share your heart. 
It takes boldness to send out a piece of yourself to someone else. 

But it is such a blessing. 
Someone else gets a glimpse into your heart and life. 
You enter a new level of friendship, you’re not strangers anymore. 
Someone else reads your words of encouragement in times when they need it the most. 

But the biggest blessing returns to you as you imagine their faces light up upon your letter. 
Their hearts lifted because of your words. 
Their faith renewed because of the faith you have for them.
And maybe they’ll be bold enough to reply and share a bit of themselves with you. 

Let’s be bold. 
Let’s not hide ourselves – our discouragement, struggles, and joys – from the world.
Let’s send out a bit of ourselves to others. 
Let’s speak words of encouragement where it is most needed.
Let’s send out happiness in an envelope.

Well, this is the theory. 
But I decided to do this in a very practical way and will join round five of #fmfpartysnailmail by Kaitlyn Bouchillon
You send out five cards and you’ll get five cards. 
You connect with wonderful women around the world. 
Just one little step, but I am excited to see what will come out of it!
If you’re ever interested in doing something similar, let me know – I would love to connect!


It’s Friday and as usual, I am meeting up with more wonderful writers over at Kate Motaung‘s place! Come and join the writing party!

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

6 thoughts on “[Five Minute Friday] Send”

  1. Katha, I always enjoy your poetic style and profound messages. And I love how you consistently send out a “bit of yourself to others” through your words here. Your words are beautiful… Thank you ~

  2. 'Let's send out happiness in an envelope' What a beautiful line! I love this, and think that not having a delete-button when you're writing on paper is the most challenging thing. What you write is more deliberate and more permanent somehow. Have fun on the #fmfpartysnailmaill!

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