[31 Days] Day 1 Move

It’s October and the writing adventure begins….It’s Day 1 of the 31 Days in the Life of a TCK series! Welcome! You can find more info on the series here.


I thought my dad was out of his mind. 
He couldn’t be serious.

“We are going to move to Uganda. I feel that God has called me to do ministry there.”

A phrase TCKs are all too familiar with. Move.
The sentence after might differ, may it be that the parents felt called by God. 
May it be that their assignment within the military had changed. 
May it be that some new fancy business or diplomatic position was awaiting them.

The result is the same. 
They’re going to move and you as their child have to move, too.
Pack your things yet again, fit all your belongings into one suitcase. 
It’s not your first time, so you’re an expert in that already.
Saying goodbye to friends and places once more, not knowing if or when you’ll ever see them again.

I didn’t want to move, didn’t want to step out into the world again. 
I was a teenager who had just changed schools and discovered new places, friends, music, teenage culture. 
I didn’t want to leave the thing behind I had called home.  
I wasn’t ready for this feeling.

It’s that feeling of being pulled by the roots, forcefully removed from a place of comfort. 

About to be planted into unknown ground.
That mixture of wild emotions, somewhere between anger, sadness, despair. 
And a tiny bit of hope. 
Hope that your roots will touch new and better ground.
And so it begins.

(I have to add that this was just the very beginning of the journey, about a year before we actually left for Uganda. In that year God surely worked miracles in all three of us children. He turned our rejection into excitement and we were finally ready to go; yes, actually wanted to go. Miracles still do happen, folks.) 

How did your parents tell you about moves? What were your reactions? 

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

4 thoughts on “[31 Days] Day 1 Move”

  1. Yes, that is life! As much as we want to stay the same and think we can just come back and things will be the same, they aren't. And even though it's sad it might help us to transition into something new a bit easier…Glad you enjoyed Alaska after a while!

  2. When my parents moved us from Texas to Alaska (because my dad felt called to start a church), I was so upset. I don't remember it, but apparently wrote a hate letter to my parents and my uncle found it and gave it to them. I have no idea what I said in it, but it was clear to them how unhappy I was and planned to be. I refused to make friends during my 8th grade year, and spent the summer before high school alone until I traveled back to Texas to visit. My Texas friends and I had already changed so much in a year that I came back home to Alaska a week early. I got over myself then and decided Alaska was a much better fit for me.

  3. Great to hear! The first move can be overwhelming but I am also very grateful that God surely does miracles and makes us feel at home again…Thanks for visiting!

  4. I responded with tears the first time my mom announced that our family would be moving overseas. But it only took a week of being in my new home before I was in love with it. God does work miracles!

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