[31 Days] Day 14 Work

It’s Day 14 of the 31 Days in the Life of a TCK series! Welcome! You can find more info on the series here. Don’t forget to subscribe!


We finally found it. 
The one we can blame everything on. 
Our feeling lost in the world. 
Our in between states. 
Our pain of saying goodbye all the time. 

It has different names but it is the one got us to move abroad and become world citizens. 

The work of our parents. 
It might be called church, the government, the military, or a Christian organization.

I have talked to quite a few TCKs and we seem to have an ambiguous relationship to our parents’ work. 
Some are thankful because that’s what got them into this lifestyle in the first place. 
But far more hate it. 

They feel trapped in a system identity and feel like they don’t even exist outside the missions/military/foreigner bubble. 

They start hating their parents and their work. 
And maybe also the one who they make responsible for it, like other people or God.
Yup, there are downsides to this life and things to consider for everyone involved.

What were/are your experiences with your parents’ work?

Author: Katha von Dessien

Teacher. Believer in the Wilderness. Third Culture Kid. World Traveler. People and Food at the Table Lover. Writer.

6 thoughts on “[31 Days] Day 14 Work”

  1. It is a tough but also important topic and I am always glad to hear new input. Thanks for coming by, looking forward to seeing you again…:)

  2. Very true, children ultimately have to take responsibility. And there are always good and bad sides. And no fullproof recipe…Thanks for stopping by, Shelly!

  3. I'm really glad I found your blog under my 31 Dayers post. I have very good friends on the mission field in Thailand. They have four children. This is a very interesting topic with lots of room for great conversation. I will definitely visit you again!

  4. I have a girlfriend who is a MK… but she is in her late 20s now, and is just now beginning to feel the call to missions – or at least entertain the possibility of it! God has done a work at healing her, and her relationship with her parents, and with Him… it's good to hear the honest truth from both sides! So often, people don't know the harder parts of it! Thanks for being brave and honest!

  5. We have seen several Godly families lose their children on the mission field. It is a huge sacrifice, one that is so very costly. I've also seen some of the children flourish in their gifts. In the end, we are all responsible for our choices and can decide how we want our life to look, despite the mistakes of parenting. It's good for you to bring it to light.

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