Behind the Magic

I live in a rather small town, but it has most of the things you’d expect from city life. Wherever you find a large group of people in one place, I sometimes wonder how this community works on the inside.
Who are the many people in the background who connect all the links in the chain to make sure that life in the city works?

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When I visited the UK in May I also took a one day trip to Oxford.
Whenever people at university talked about Oxford, they would have a certain tone of awe and admiration in their voice.
Such an old town with so much history.
One of the oldest universities in the world.
So many great minds who have come from there.
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Not Just a Pair of Socks

One of the great gifts of writing is connecting with other writers. This normally happens online through others. But oh, what joy when you get to meet them face to face! Today I get to introduce Anna to you – a friend who lives in the same city like me with such a unique view of the world. Her thoughts and pictures are truly amazing. If you speak German, you should definitely check out her blog Continue reading “Not Just a Pair of Socks”

Of Normality in the Midst of Terror

One evening in July, news of an attack in Munich made the headlines. Rumors of a terrorist attack spread quickly before the police retorted and controlled the situation.

I was sitting together with a few teacher colleagues when we got the news. We sighed. Just two days later we were supposed to visit Munich on a class trip.
Should we still go? Would it be too much of a risk to take students to a city where the sense of safety had been disrupted so suddenly?

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How to Battle Fall Depression

I am really honored to have my friend Tori on the blog today. We met while I lived in th US and her family has welcomed me with open arms. Since then, we’ve met up several times in different countries, and I am glad to have Tori and her thoughts in my life.

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Living under Construction

For the last two months I’ve been an involuntary part of a construction site.
The house next to ours was completely torn down and then rebuilt from the ground. Most of the time we were all just fed up by the constant noise and the construction workers who always showed up way too early. Continue reading “Living under Construction”