He’s Got My Whole World in His Hands

Last week we talked about decisions and how hard it is to make them.
Especially when they seem to alter our entire being, lifestyle, and faith.
But do they really?
I guess we often make our lives more complicated by listening to all these voices telling us that this next decision is it. This next step will change everything.
But does it really?


If you miss this bus, your entire day will be messed up.
If you wear the wrong color today, everyone’s going to stare at you.
If you take this job, you’ll miss out on so many other things.
If you’re not married by 28, you’ll die as an unhappy spinster.
If you don’t pray in the morning, your day will go by without any blessings.

It seems as if our whole world depended on this one tiny decision.
But does it really?


The world is messed up, I agree.
Look at the heart-wrenching news as soon as you go online or switch on the TV. The suffering doesn’t ever seem to stop.
So many broken relationships, so much desperation around me.
So many unanswered questions and uncertain futures.
As the world screams for decisions louder and louder, I can often just fall silent.


And then I hear that soft tune in my head. A kiddy song from my childhood.
He’s got the whole world in his hands.
What a staggering answer to all the decisions out there!
Of course, I still have to make them. Of course, not everything will fall into place. And not everything will go my way for sure.
And yet, these hands change everything.
No matter what I have for breakfast today, no matter if I miss this bus, no matter where I’ll work in the future, no matter how dark the news of the world are: He’s got the whole world – my world – in His hands. And I want to believe that nothing goes by unnoticed, uncared for, unloved by the Father.

Writing for Five Minute Friday today.

It’s Not Always Right or Wrong

Sometimes I don’t enjoy being an adult.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go back to the crazy teenage years either, but sometimes I wish I was a child again. I would live at home, enjoy my mom’s cooking and go to school.

Most of all, I wouldn’t have to make decisions.


I feel like these days my life is full of decisions.
What do you want to study?
What kind of insurances do you want?
What kind of job are you looking for?
Where do you want to live in the next five years?
Don’t you want to get married?
What should I wear today?
What should I cook for dinner tonight?

Too many questions and decisions to be made. I guess you can add many more to the list. And I am overwhelmed and exhausted.
Decisions make me worry sometimes because it’s not always right or wrong.
There are too many choices out there, and what if I make the wrong decision?
You think too much, girl.

Yes, there are decisions to be made because I am an adult now, I guess this comes with the territory.
I can’t foresee the future.
I can’t go back to being that little girl, the past is gone.
What I can do, though, is learn a little bit from that girl I used to be.

Stop worrying once in a while and just be.
Be here in this day.
Take in the beauty of today and enjoy the little things.
Today I decide I want to be.

Writing for Five Minute Friday today.