[Five Minute Friday] Forget

Even though I have warned many of my friends, I still feel bad about what some of my relationships have been like in the last year. When I began my teaching job I told them, “Don’t take it personally if I don’t contact you in months, I just started working. It feels a bit like a bomb has been dropped on me and I have no idea when I’ll get out of that hole.”

When you’re adjusting to a new culture and schedule you don’t have much time for anything else. A lot of things and a lot of people seem forgotten. Yes, I often felt like I’d been forgotten by other people.
But was I really?

Just the other day I was ready to get on the bus around 6.30 am when I got a text. It was from my mom. “Hey, how are you, dear? I just wanted to wish a great day at work, you’ll be great. I love you.”
Not many words, but they brightened my day. They cheered me on. They showed me that I am not forgotten.

Life often wants to tell us that we are forgotten.
That no one really cares about us, we’re just little people in little places.

But the One who created us little people and all these little places does care.
He cares so much that he sends us ‘texts’ every day to remind us.
A beautiful sunrise.
A flowerbed with colorful daffodils reminding us that spring is on its way.
A good conversation with a friend when we just need to talk.
A shoulder to lean on.
A song on your ipod with the lyrics we just needed to hear.
A few words that can turn our entire day around.
You are not forgotten. The Maker of heaven and earth sees your every move and breath, and guess what: He’s smiling.

In case you need some more reminders, listen to this tune.

Writing for Five Minute Friday today. One prompt, five minutes of writing, many wonderful writers to read along. Come and join us!