We Have a Date!

Good news!

I have just learned that my book “Fliege ins Leben, lande bei Gott” will be released September 1, 2017!

You can now pre-order the book online!

Gute Neuigkeiten!

Ich habe gerade erfahren, dass mein Buch “Fliege ins Leben, lande bei Gott” am 1. September 2017 erscheint!

Und du kannst es jetzt schon online vorbestellen!

Osiander: https://www.osiander.de/webdb/index.cfm?osiaction=details&id=KNO2017052600528&source=UWK

Francke-Verlag: https://www.francke-buch.de/main.php?hk=0&uk=0&aid=2496&suche=fliege+ins+leben&start=0



A Writer’s Dream (major news below!)


In the summer of 2016 I was stuck in a period of waiting. At first I was impatient and angry to have nothing to do and feeling so lost and uncertain. But then I decided to use my unexpected time off well, so I sat down and wrote. Ideas kept coming and words kept flowing. Continue reading “A Writer’s Dream (major news below!)”