[Five Minute Friday] Exhale

I remember when I was in grade 12/13 in high school (in the US, that is a senior), I had a German teacher who started every lesson with a peculiar ritual: one minute of silence.
Sit on your chair, be quiet, and simply listen to your own breathing.
And again.

What seemed rather odd at first became my favorite part of the school day.
Looking forward to this one minute of pause, rest.
Doing nothing.
Just being.
Just listening to that breath that got me through the day.
That breath showing me that I was still alive.
Inhaling and exhaling was my way to show the world that I was still going, that I would continue to pick up the small and big fights it offered me.

I guess we need that moment of silence even when we’re out of school.
Life is just busy, throwing challenges at us, keeping on us a constant run.
We need that pause button, that short moment of rest.
Exhale and let go of things that bother us, that we can’t handle anymore.
Like that breath leaving our mouth feeling how that weight is lifted off our shoulders.
Take in new air, new perspectives, fresh voices.
Grasp inspiration and vision.
Inhale and show the world that we’re still alive.
That we keep going.
And that we’ll continue to pick up the small and big fights it offers us.

It’s Friday and I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker. One prompt, five minutes of writing. No editing. Happy Friday!